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Testimonial From:

Henry E. Dugan, Esquire

Dugan, Babij & Tolley

Video Transcript

I’m happy to give this testimonial book because Mike Miller is there any time that you need him. He is available 24/7. He is the most accessible person in the world. He is extremely professional. When you want something done and you have a deadline, it’s going to be met. He’s going to meet every single deadline that you have. When you need something that he doesn’t have, he’ll get it.

He’s always come through any time or when anything that’s ever been necessary to go forward with things. By the time you get to court with Mike Miller, you know that even though he is extremely quiet and not making any fuss in the courtroom, that everything is together. At the time that you need it, it’s remarkable. He is there before you even look for it. He’s got it in hand. He’s ready to put it up in front of the jury, just as professional as you can possibly want anyone to be. 

In addition to that, he’s the kind of guy that will go get you a sandwich if you need one. His body language though is always extremely calm, always as I say. The word that would come to mind again and again for someone in his business is, “He is as professional in his business as anyone I’ve ever seen.” I’m really happy to tell the world about that. 

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