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New York Trial Services and Litigation Support

Offering the Latest in Technology to Win the Jury to Your Side and Help Them See Your Case

New Yorkers don’t like you to waste their time; they’ve got better things to do. And forget about telling a New Yorker what to think or believe about a particular subject. They’ll form their own opinion on the topic, thank you, and they’ll cling it to dearly. Just ask. So what does this mean to you when you’re trying your case in New York City? It means you better have the right tools to make a compelling case and do it quickly.

The trial preparation specialists at MGM Trial Services are here to help you do just that. For years, we’ve been helping trial lawyers in the Big Apple and the surrounding areas prepare for trial and get their point across to a jury with the right tools to support their winning strategies. See below for a quick overview of the services we provide, and contact us today so we can help you win your case.

Trial Services

You have months to prepare for a trial, but only a few days to take all that work and present it to a jury in a compelling, focused manner. MGM Trial Services can help. Our skilled trial technicians are adept at working with a suite of the most powerful software used in the courtroom, including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint, and more. And we are at our best when integrating these applications with OnCue, which we consider to be the best and most reliable trial presentation software out there. When you are in the courtroom, you want every piece of your trial presentation to go off without a hitch. Our trial technicians have the technical skills and live courtroom experience that you can count on. Move forward in your New York trial presentation with confidence knowing MGM Trial Services has your back.

Graphic Services

A picture is worth 1,000 words, and who wants to hear about your case when they can see it instead? Our litigation design team develops the custom exhibits and presentations that bring your case to life in beautiful, exquisite detail. Whether your case requires technical illustrations to understand how a complex machine works, medical illustrations that show how a complex medical procedure goes right or wrong, timelines to help juries visualize what happened in what order, or PowerPoints to back up your opening and closing arguments in a way that helps you grab and hold the jury’s attention, MGM’s team of experienced illustrators and video editors can help you make your case come alive.

Video Services

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video must be worth a million. Our legal video services put the jury in the middle of the action the way nothing short of a field trip to the scene could accomplish. Experienced trial lawyers know the impact a professionally created and professionally edited video can have, and they seek them out in every relevant case. Our video team at MGM offers a variety of video services to New York lawyers, including:

  • Day in the Life Videos – Let the jury see firsthand how an injury impacts the victim’s daily living struggles and quality of life

  • Interactive Deposition Videos – Our videographers are experts in the use of UltraDep and UltraDep Remote, letting you display documents, exhibits and video clips during an in-person depo or Zoom video conference deposition that makes the most of your time with the witness while creating a video record of the depo that engages the jury in an impactful way they’ll remember back in the jury room.

  • Video to Transcript Services (and Video Synchronizing) – Not all videos leave viewers gripping the edge of their seats, and as engaging as video is, it can still leave juries peeking at the clock if the testimony goes on too long. Our expert editors can create the individual video clips you need and synchronize them with transcripts to make the most of your time in the courtroom.

  • Drone Videography – Drone video helps you capture sweeping aerial images where the matter at hand involves a large-scale construction project, a stretch of highway where an accident occurred, property disputes, and other panoramic vistas that could never be fully captured with a picture or a video on the ground. When it comes to drone videography in New York, MGM is fully licensed, insured and FAA-certified. Plus, we are experts in litigation support, so we know how to deliver the shots that matter to your case.

  • Website Promotional Videos – Our video services can also help you reach potential clients by creating promotional videos to integrate into your law firm’s website. Videos provide future clients with an introduction to the attorneys at your firm in a way that captures the competence, confidence and professionalism you project in person.

Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Depositions

With technologies like UltraDep and UltraDep Remote, we take your video deposition to the next level, whether you are conducting it in person or over a Zoom videoconference. Picture-in-picture (PIP) capability means that when a deponent is looking at a document or other exhibit and answering questions about it, the exhibit shows on the same screen as the deponent. You control the action and can swap whether the deponent or the exhibit is in the larger frame or only display one or the other to create the greatest impact and concentrate the jury’s attention where you want it to go.

Equipment Rental

If all you need is the right equipment to display your exhibits in the courtroom, MGM can provide you with top-quality gear that you can count on to work as it should and come through for you when you need it. Let us know what you need, and we’ll supply it. Equipment we have available for rental at your New York trial includes:

  • LCD Projectors – Take the images from your computer and project them on a large screen for superior brightness and visibility.

  • Extra Monitors – Make sure the judge, witness, plaintiff and defense all have a clear view of whatever you are showing to the jury. We’ll provide the right number of right-sized monitors for courtrooms of any size or shape.

  • Document Cameras – Today’s sophisticated and user-friendly document cameras can project paper, transparencies, and even three-dimensional objects with superior brightness and clarity to as many screens as you need.

  • Projection Screens – Whether your style is “go big or go home” or you need low-profile or rear-projection screens to save space in a small, crowded courtroom, we can provide you with the projection screens that work best for the space you are working in.

  • Switchers – Using multiple video sources or multiple monitors? A switcher helps you manage multiple digital sources so that everyone in the courtroom is viewing the same quality as the source equipment.

  • Interactive White Boards – The ultimate classroom teaching tool is also a stunning performer in the courtroom, allowing you to not just display evidence but annotate it and highlight it as you make your case. Images you create and present can be saved and printed for future use as well.

  • Touch Screen Monitors – A similar solution to an interactive whiteboard, a touch screen monitor lets you annotate and highlight evidence with a stylus or finger and interact with the computer from the screen while the image on the monitor is projected on a large screen in real-time.

  • The Rover ST Mobile Presentation Module – Our custom-designed solution puts you in the driver’s seat in the courtroom, enabling you to seamlessly connect your screen display with the house monitors. Armed with an iPad and TrialDirector software, your trial presentation is at your fingertips, ready to command the jury’s attention.

Jury Consulting

As a trial lawyer, you are well aware of the many biases that keep jurors from seeing witnesses, exhibits and critical components of your case fairly and objectively, making up their minds before they’ve weighed or even been exposed to the evidence. Our network of top-of-the-line jury consultants applies scientific methods gleaned from forensic psychology to help you know what you need to know about the people sitting in judgment on your case. Our comprehensive jury consulting services provide expert assistance in all the following areas:

  • Mock Trials (in-person and virtual)
  • Voir Dire and Jury-Pool Research
  • Focus Groups
  • Witness Preparation

Contact MGM Trial Services – Your Source for Litigation Support in New York City

Since 2005, MGM Trial Services has been helping lawyers make the most of their time in front of a jury by providing the latest in litigation support technology with skill and precision. Let us help you prepare for your upcoming trial by delivering the services you need that will make your hard work pay off with a win in court. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your needs and goals.