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Philadelphia Trial Presentation Specialists

Philadelphians are a social people, and not just when it comes to rooting for their sports teams. The people of Philadelphia love to get together in groups and clubs to share their interests and opinions. In a city with such a storied history of tolerance, inclusiveness and diversity, you’ll find a strong belief in justice ingrained in the native spirit. What does this mean to you as a trial lawyer in Philadelphia telling your story to a jury? It means you are starting off in a good place.

Even so, you know it takes more than having the facts and the law on your side to win a case. You have to grab the jury’s attention and keep it. You have to show them, tell them, and let them experience your case so they can truly feel, understand, and sympathize with your client’s position. The right trial services company can help you do exactly that.

At MGM Trial Services, we specialize in trial preparation to provide you with the technology and litigation support to deliver the best presentations in court. From pre-trial depositions and the development of exhibits to jury consulting and assistance in the courtroom, we’ve got you covered. Brothers fight, and the City of Brotherly Love sees its share of civil disputes. Work with MGM Trial Services to help your side come out on top in the adversarial atmosphere of a Philadelphia courtroom. See below for a quick look at the services we offer, and contact us today to share your needs and find out how we can help.

Trial Services

Preparing for court involves substantial planning, but the real challenge is to take those months of preparation and transform them into an impactful presentation in front of the jury. At MGM Trial Services, our courtroom technology experts excel at that. Our trial presentation specialists are proficient in the best software for the courtroom, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Premiere Pro; Microsoft PowerPoint; and Final Cut Pro (Apple), among others. What’s more, our seasoned professionals excel at integrating these platforms along side OnCue, our trial presentation application of choice. With our tech support, your Philadelphia courtroom presentation can proceed flawlessly.

Graphic Services

Words can only do so much; visuals can take your case to a whole new level. MGM’s litigation design team crafts custom visual aids to support your case. Whether you need to showcase the mechanics of a complex machine or you require a medical illustration to clarify the details of a complicated surgical procedure, our talented illustrators and editors can make it happen. We specialize in bringing your case to life through interactive timelines and PowerPoint presentations that clearly demonstrate what happened when, and why it matters.

Legal Videography Services

A well-crafted video can have an immeasurable impact on the jury. We offer a variety of video services that make your case come alive so jurors can see, feel and experience the case as though they were part of the action. Our Philadelphia legal video services include the following, for example:

  • “Day in the Life” videos that showcase how an injury affects someone’s daily life
  • “Interactive Deposition Videos” that utilize state-of-the-art technology to display synchronized documents and clips during a deposition
  • Video to Transcript Services with Video Synchronizing, allowing our skilled video editors to create impactful video clips from long video testimonies, complete with synchronization to the transcript.
  • Drone Video Solutions that capture wide-ranging perspectives of large-scale sites and panoramas. Our drone videographers are fully licensed, insured, and FAA-certified. Whether it’s a large construction site, an accident location, or a disputed property, skillful drone footage brings a new dimension to your Philadelphia civil case.

In addition, our video services include Marketing Video Production that expands your client reach through promotional videos that can be seamlessly integrated into your law firm’s website, offering prospective clients an in-depth look at your firm’s culture, expertise, and the personalities that make your team a winning team.

Advanced Deposition Techniques (PIP Depositions)

We use state-of-the-art UltraDep and UltraDep Remote technologies to create a multi-dimensional deposition experience, featuring a picture-in-picture (PIP) function that enhances the engagement level. When the deponent is looking at an exhibit, the jury sees it too, with the relevant portion brought out and highlighted for the greatest impact. UltraDep gives you the option to swap places between the main screen and the inset picture, so the jury focuses on either the witness or the exhibit at your pleasure, while always keeping an eye on both critical features at the same time.

Courtroom Equipment Rentals

Need specialized equipment for your courtroom presentations? MGM offers a wide range of gear including LCD projectors, document cameras, and touchscreen monitors, all aimed at enhancing your courtroom display. Based on the size and layout of the courtroom, we can provide the right number and size of extra monitors or projection screens, along with switchers so you can handle multiple digital sources without sacrificing quality. We rent interactive whiteboards and also offer our custom-designed Rover ST Mobile Presentation Module to channel your trial presentation to the courtroom house monitors with ease and efficiency.

Juror Analysis Consulting

Understanding the psychology of jurors is crucial for a successful case. Our network of respected jury consultants employs scientific methodologies to help you gauge juror biases and understand how to deal with them. Our jury consultation services include in-person and virtual mock trials, jury pool analysis and voir dire research, focus groups, and witness preparation to make sure you and your witnesses are telling the story in a way that resonates with the jury hearing your case.

In Philadelphia, MGM Trial Services is Your Source for Litigation Support

MGM Trial Services has been serving and supporting lawyers since 2005, always with the most modern and up-to-date technology delivered by skilled, trained, and experienced professionals. You put everything you have into winning trials; that’s what we do too. Contact us today, and let us give you the support you need.