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Trial Services and Litigation Support for Attorneys in Washington, DC

Guess where you’ll find the largest number of lawyers per capita by state, including DC and Puerto Rico. If you guessed our nation’s capital, then you guessed correctly (or you are one of those 50,000+ lawyers who practice here and you didn’t have to guess). Washington doesn’t just top this list, but it does so stunningly, with over ten times more lawyers per capita than the number two contender, New York.

While a lot of DC lawyers work in government and regulatory matters, you’ll still find a fair share of litigation spread out across the 85 associate judges and magistrate judges presiding in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. MGM Trial Services is here to help you make a plan for your upcoming trial and provide you with the litigation support you need to succeed. From jury consulting to trial presentation and everything in between, you can count on MGM to be an earnest and effective part of your trial team. Learn more about our services below, and contact us today so we can get started helping you make your Washington DC trial a winning proposition.

Unparalleled Trial Presentation Services

Attorneys often face the challenging task of condensing months of preparation into a concise yet impactful courtroom presentation. That’s precisely where MGM’s trial presentation services come into play. Leveraging sophisticated tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, plus Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Final Cut Pro, our highly skilled trial technicians help ensure that your courtroom delivery is impeccable. Our experienced trial presentation specialists integrate these software tools with OnCue—a trial presentation platform renowned for its reliability and efficacy—so you can be confident that each facet of your presentation will run smoothly.

Tailor-Made Graphics for Legal Proceedings

Legal cases often hinge not just on oral arguments, but also on the power of visual storytelling. That’s why MGM’s specialized litigation design team is committed to creating customized exhibits that amplify your case. Whether you require complex technical schematics with 3D modeling or animated medical illustrations to clarify intricate procedures, we can provide it all. We also offer interactive timeline visuals and compelling PowerPoint slide decks to lay out your case and focus the jury’s attention where it needs to be throughout your opening and closing as well as your case-in-chief.

A Full Suite of Legal Video Solutions

In an era where multimedia reigns supreme, MGM’s legal video services offer a broad spectrum of video formats to augment your courtroom strategy. From ‘Day in the Life’ vignettes that offer a first-hand look at a victim’s daily challenges to interactive deposition videos that integrate exhibits with witness testimony, we have you covered. Additionally, we offer expert video editing with synchronized transcripts to optimize longer testimony segments, creating captivating clips that show the jury the most relevant parts they need to see.

For cases that require extensive scene capture, our drone videography services offer an edge. Fully certified by the FAA and comprehensively insured, we capture breathtaking aerial perspectives that can make a significant impact in large-scale cases like property disputes, construction projects or other physical sites on a massive scale, as well as close-up video of equipment defects or other evidence that would otherwise be difficult to bring to light.

Beyond the courtroom, MGM also assists in building your online presence by creating engaging promotional videos for your law firm marketing. Our team of experts can produce captivating promotional videos that serve as a virtual handshake, offering potential clients a glimpse of your firm’s proficiency and expertise.

Advanced PIP Depositions

With Picture-in-Picture (PIP) capabilities enabled by UltraDep and UltraDep Remote technologies, we add an extra layer of sophistication to your video depositions. The PIP feature allows for dynamic exhibit and witness displays, giving you full control over the jury’s focus during critical moments. We record three separate video feeds – the full-frame witness, the exhibit share, and the PIP, so you’ll have the utmost flexibility in showing what needs to be shown while complying with court rulings regarding the presentation of evidence. We also record separate audio feeds for each participant in the depo to ensure a complete and accurate record.

Equipment Rentals for Every Courtroom Setting

If you find yourself in need of advanced technical setups for your case, MGM’s equipment rental services can provide everything you require. From LCD projectors and document cameras to interactive whiteboards and touchscreen monitors, we ensure that your visual aids are displayed in high definition to all courtroom participants. We can provide all the extra monitors and projection screens you may need to meet the demands of the courtroom dimensions, along with switchers that enable you to deal with multiple video sources or monitors without image loss.

Rounding out our equipment rental services, you’ll find the Rover ST Mobile Presentation Module, our custom-designed solution that puts all the A/V docking stations, i/o ports, WiFi gear and power supplies you’ll actually be using in one place (on wheels!) so you can get your presentation off to a flying start efficiently and effectively.

Jury Consulting for Strategic Advantage

With a population of over 700,00 and a diverse mix of residents from a world of different races, ethnicities, ages, and incomes, figuring out how to understand, appeal to and persuade juries in Washington DC is at least as challenging here as anywhere else. MGM’s quality network of top jury consultants employs scientific methodologies from forensic psychology to help you gain valuable insights into juror behavior, helping you research the jury pool and customize your voir dire questions. Our jury consulting services also include focus groups, witness preparation and mock trials so you’ll be ready for trial with a clear understanding of the challenges that await and potential pitfalls to avoid.

Call MGM Trial Services for Effective Trial Presentation and Litigation Support Specialists in Washington DC

For nearly 20 years, MGM Trial Services has been assisting attorneys when they have the most on the line. From pre-trial depositions and litigation support to building trial presentations and making sure they come off without a hitch, count on MGM for effective trial presentation and litigation support in Washington DC. Reach out today to share your goals and let us help you meet your needs.