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Graphic Services

From traditional exhibit boards, to interactive multi-media presentations, MGM trial services litigation design team will assist you in producing effective custom exhibits and presentations to help you explain your case. MGM has a team of experienced illustrators and video editors bringing years of experience, a wide array of methods, techniques, and tools to assist you present your case effectively.

Below are examples below from a set of recent cases. Case names have been changed and images have been scrubbed of any confidential information relating to the actual case.

For best viewing of the graphic examples below: Select the enlarge button on the video icon for full screen viewing. Hit escape to go back to the page.


Technical Illustrations

Let us bring the world of 3D modeling to your case. MGM has the ability to create illustrations of complex mechanisms and environments to help the jury know and understand the scenes and mechanisms surrounding your case. We can work from blueprints, or come to your site to measure the scene or mechanism you need to illustrate. From there we work with you to create stunning technical 3D illustrations and animations. Below are case examples.

  • McKenzie v. Richardson Aviation

  • Elk Valley vs. Harbor Inns

  • Wilson v. Metro Imaging


Timelines help you to introduce the elements and the timing of events related to your case and can be used as an important demonstrative visual element throughout your entire trial. MGM has created hundreds of custom timelines for lawyers that have helped the jury understand the sequence of events, the players, the institutions and the factual evidence relating to their case and arguments.

  • Williams v. St. Dominion Hospital

  • Smith v. Smith

  • Hendrik v. Shady Grove

  • Arnold v. DMV Medical Center

  • Adams v. Monty’s Hideaway

  • Braden v. Kerrigan


MGM specializes in creating custom PowerPoint presentations for opening and closing arguments and in trial testimony. MGM brings you years of experience designing and producing effective multimedia PowerPoint presentations.

We can combine, and animate: Timelines, Technical Illustrations, Data Charts and Graphs, Animated Documents, and high definition video and audio. All PowerPoints are not alike. Whether you need a simple, sequential presentation, or an advanced high level interactive PowerPoint, MGM can get the job done.

  • Carpenter v. Jenson

  • Smith v. Roland

  • Murdock v. DMC

Medical Illustrations

For medical malpractice cases, custom or semi-custom medical illustrations are often required. Quality illustrations can serve as visual aids for experts to use during testimony and as educational tools for the jury. Typically, the illustrators will scour key deposition testimony and medical records for case-specific descriptions of events and render the illustration from that information.

  • Left Shoulder Surgery

  • Rotator Cuff Surgery

  • Diagram of Heart Attack

Black & /white Document Enlargements

This is the least expensive form of large-format digital printing for courtroom and mediation use. Industry-standard sizes are 24”x 36”, 30”x 40”, and 36”x 48”. Call for pricing.

Full Color Graphic EnlargementsLarge-format color printing provides a powerful method of communication at a very reasonable cost – improving visibility for personal photos, color documents, PowerPoint slides, custom illustrations, graphic overlays and other visual aids. These graphic boards can also be laminated with a film that allows for easy annotation with a dry-erase marker.

Video-to-Transcript Synchronization

Video to transcript synchronization involves time-stamping the transcript to correspond to the digital video. This step makes locating specific segments of video simpler and faster, because their precise location is identified on the associated transcript.

Synchronization can be valuable during the pre-trial preparation stage, enabling a paralegal or legal secretary to search the video simply by searching the transcript. For trial, video clips can be created for jury presentation. Synchronization also allows deposition text to scroll below the video — adding emphasis to the video.

Digital Fetal Monitor Strips

Designed for “baby cases,” these strips are created by digitally reattaching the separate pages of a fetal heart monitor read-out and indicating case-relevant events for jury presentation. These strips are highly customizable and offer a number of features that can be extremely valuable during presentation. Some of these include:

  • A Realtime button
  • Highlighting tools
  • Search By Time And Panel tool
  • Definitions of key medical terms
  • Hyperlinks to medical records

An in-office demonstration is a great way to experience the full power of this unique tool.

3-D Animations

Animations are useful in complex or highly technical cases such as medical malpractice or patent litigation. While they can range in price from $8,000 to $25,000 and beyond, they can be incredibly powerful in educating a jury.

Important: Animations can take months to complete. In many states, including Maryland, and in Washington, D.C., a period of time for review must be given to opposing counsel. Check your local code for the rules in your jurisdiction.