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Baltimore Trial Presentation Specialists Bringing Expert Litigation Support to Maryland’s Most Populous City

Litigating a case in Baltimore? It’s not only Maryland’s most populous city, but it’s the most populous independent city in the nation and a central part of the immense and influential Baltimore-Washington combined statistical area. Residents call it Charm City and “Smalltimore” because it’s a big city with a small-town feel where everyone seems to know everyone else. It’s also one of America’s oldest cities, but the population trends are youthful. With a median age of 35, when you are selecting a jury in Baltimore, you are dealing with a pool of people who came of age alongside the World Wide Web and have never known a world without computer graphics and smartphones. These are the people you need to connect with as jurors, and MGM Trial Services can help. Our trial presentation specialists leverage the latest and best in technology to make your trial presentations pop so you can keep the jury’s interest and present your case in a manner more likely to persuade and succeed.

Litigating a case in Baltimore? Call MGM Trial Services for the litigation support you need to make your best case.

Expert Trial Presentation Support

As attorneys, you spend several months working tirelessly to prepare for a trial. However, the crux of your hard work comes down to how effectively you present it in court. That’s where MGM’s trial presentation support excels. Our seasoned trial technicians are masters at maneuvering through a broad range of software applications specifically designed for the courtroom environment, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Apple’s Final Cut Pro, and Microsoft PowerPoint. The utility of these applications really shines when they are used alongside OnCue—a trial presentation application that we firmly believe is the epitome of reliability and effectiveness in trial presentation software. Our team ensures every element of your trial presentation is orchestrated flawlessly, letting you step into the courtroom with unshakable confidence.

Custom Graphic Solutions for Legal Cases

A well-articulated verbal argument is crucial, but a visual representation can exponentially increase your ability to engage, educate, and persuade. At MGM, our litigation design team crafts tailored exhibits and visual aids to breathe life into your case. Our illustrators possess the skills to create intricate technical drawings for mechanical disputes or medical illustrations that help in explaining complex medical procedures. Custom 3D modeling and animations bring those illustrations to life and add another dimension to their appeal. Interactive timelines bring abstract concepts down to Earth, and PowerPoint presentations put it all together in a familiar format. Let MGM deploy an arsenal of graphic design solutions to ensure you hold the jury’s attention from start to finish.

Comprehensive Legal Video Services

In today’s digital age, videos offer an unparalleled emotional impact. Our legal video services team understands this and offers a plethora of video-based solutions. These include emotionally compelling ‘Day in the Life’ videos that help the jury empathize with an injured victim, and interactive video depositions that let the juror see and hear the witness while viewing the exhibit on screen at the same time, curated to highlight the most important aspect of the document under discussion. Our professional videographers can also cull short but impactful video clips from depositions, perfectly synchronized with transcripts, making sure that even long testimonies don’t become tedious for the jury.

When it comes to capturing expansive landscapes or accident sites, traditional photography falls short. MGM’s drone videography service comes in as a fully licensed, insured, and FAA-certified solution. Drone video allows you to capture grand vistas that offer a more comprehensive understanding of buildings, roadways, and large-scale locations relevant to your case.

Beyond trial presentations, MGM’s legal video services extend to creating vibrant and engaging promotional videos for your law firm websites. Like it or not, effective marketing is key to client acquisition; adding video to your website creates an engaging digital experience that accurately portrays your firm’s competency and professionalism and resonates with Baltimore city residents looking for a lawyer.

Next-Level Depositions with PIP

Enhance your video depositions with cutting-edge Picture-in-Picture (PIP) features. We utilize the state-of-the-art technologies provided by UltraDep and UltraDep Remote for both in-person and virtual (Zoom) depositions. PIP videography allows for seamless switching between the witness and the exhibit they are discussing, focusing the jury’s attention precisely where you want it.

We know how impactful a video deposition can be and how important it is that the technology works as it’s supposed to when you need it to. That’s why we build in redundancy to both the video and audio recording aspects of your deposition. We record three separate video feeds to provide that redundancy but also provide the flexibility in post-production to meet any contingencies, such as if a judge rules that an exhibit cannot be shown to the jury but you still need to show the deposition. Audio redundancy, meanwhile, helps ensure a clear, accurate transcript for the record.

Reliable Courtroom Equipment Rentals

When you already have your presentation elements in place but need the technology to display them, MGM has got you covered. We offer a wide range of high-end equipment, from LCD projectors and touchscreen monitors to document cameras and interactive whiteboards, and the switchers needed to deal with multiple video sources or monitors. Is your courtroom exceedingly large, overly crowded, or bizarrely shaped? We can provide and place all the monitors and projection screens you need, ensuring that all parties in the courtroom can clearly view your exhibits and evidence.

To cap it all off, we provide our Rover ST, a fully customizable mobile presentation module that puts together all the A/V docking stations, ports, networking gear and power supplies you need for the exact equipment you’ll be working with – no more and no less. We make getting your trial presentation off the ground as easy and seamless as can be.

In-depth Jury Consulting Services

Understanding the psychology behind juror biases can offer a significant advantage in court. MGM works with a network of accomplished jury consultants who apply forensic psychology methods to help you understand where your jury pool is coming from and through what lens they are likely to view the facts in your case. We provide jury pool research and consultation regarding voir dire questioning to help you seat the jury that will hear your case without dangerous inherent biases.

By the time you get to trial, you want to know the answer to every question that will be asked and be prepared to respond to any contingency. Through the use of focus groups, witness preparation consulting, and mock trials, we can help you stroll into the courtroom with confidence in your case and the presentation you’ve prepared.

Litigating a Case in Baltimore? MGM Trial Services Has Your Back

When you have a trial coming up, you clear the decks and concentrate on creating the best presentation that will educate, inform, engage, and persuade. MGM Trial Services can help. Call our office at 410-303-7800 or contact us online to discuss your needs and bring us on board for the full suite of trial preparation, presentation, and litigation support our specialists can provide.