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Northern VA Trial Presentation Specialists

With over three million people and more than a third of the state’s population, Northern Virginia is the most populous region in the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as the Washington metropolitan area to which it belongs. It’s a bustling place, and it’s home to people from diverse backgrounds from all over the world. Preparing for trial in Northern Virginia means taking the time to understand your potential jurors and making sure you’ve created exhibits that will be meaningful, impactful, and easy to grasp regardless of the juror’s background. We can help with that. We are MGM Trial Services, and we are trial presentation specialists helping you maximize your presentation and win your case. Read on for a description of our services, and reach out to us for help in depositions, trial prep, jury selection and more. We are your go-to source for litigation support in Northern VA.

Courtroom Technology Assistance

Months and years of preparation for your case boil down to days or weeks in court. This is where MGM Trial Services shines. Our experts are proficient in industry-leading courtroom software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere Pro. Moreover, our specialists are adept at flawlessly integrating all of those applications into our use of OnCue, our trial presentation software. With our trial technicians in the hot seat, we can help ensure your trial presentation sails smoothly.

Graphic Presentation Solutions

Your case needs to be visually compelling. Our MGM design team crafts exhibits that are custom-tailored to your needs, from intricate machine illustrations and 3D models to complex animated medical diagrams designed to resonate with the jury and bring your arguments to life. Interactive timelines demonstrate the sequencing of important pieces of your case, and PowerPoint presentations give the jury a visual guide as you walk them through your case in opening and closing arguments or during testimony.

Legal Video Services

Video can be a game-changer in a courtroom setting. Our suite of legal video services, from lifelike “Day in the Life” videos to dynamic interactive depositions using UltraDep technology, ensures you have the video assets that make a lasting impression on the jury. We also offer licensed and insured aerial drone videography to broaden your case’s perspective. Capture everything from expansive construction sites to specific accident locations and minute details to add a compelling visual layer to your arguments.

Our professional videographers can also help you gain more client engagement through our custom promotional video production. Seamlessly integrate video into your law firm’s website to showcase your firm’s skills and experience and show that your firm is as tech-savvy as the clients you are trying to reach.

Enhanced Video Depositions

Utilize the cutting-edge features of UltraDep and UltraDep Remote to offer a high-definition, picture-in-picture, multimedia deposition experience, creating a more engaging and comprehensive record for the jury. PIP video depositions let the jury see the witness and the exhibit together so the testimony makes more sense and is easier to follow. You control what the jury sees and when. We offer PIP technology for both in-person and virtual depositions over Zoom.

Equipment Leasing for Courtrooms

MGM provides an extensive array of top-grade equipment for your trial needs, ensuring everyone in the courtroom has a clear view of your evidence. Let MGM Trial Services stock your Northern VA trial with the equipment you need to make the most of your presentation, including:

  • LCD Projectors
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Document Cameras
  • Extra Monitors
  • Projection Screens
  • Switchers
  • Touch Screen Monitors

Whatever equipment you are using, we’ll make sure you have the power supplies, ports, docking stations and networking gear close at hand with the Rover ST, our mobile presentation module that we customize according to your needs. With the Rover, you’ll have what you need without having to mess with (or pay for) stuff you don’t.

Scientific Jury Consulting

Our jury experts utilize forensic psychology methods to help you understand and navigate juror biases, offering services during jury pool research and voir dire questions that reveal biases that could sink your case before you’ve called your first witness. Speaking of witnesses, our consultants can help with witness preparation tailored to the specific jury you’ve drawn. Other services we offer include focus groups and mock trials to help you see how your case might play out in the Northern Virginia courtroom where your case is being heard.

Contact MGM Trial Services for Trial Presentations and Litigation Support in Northern VA

Your trial is too important to leave any stone unturned, and that includes preparing your presentation with state-of-the-art graphics, video, and having all the tools at your disposal to deliver your exhibits effectively. To maximize the impact of your trial presentation in Northern Virginia, call the trial presentation specialists at MGM Trial Services. We’ve been helping lawyers win trials since 2005, and we’re here for your next trial too.