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Trial Presentation Specialists Serving the Best and Brightest Trial Lawyers in Wilmington, Delaware

Population-wise, Wilmington is only a tiny fraction of the greater Delaware Valley/Philadelphia metropolitan area, but there’s a reason Wilmington is known as the Corporate Capital of the World as well as the Chemical Capital of the World, and that its motto declares the city to be “in the middle of it all.” Whether you are a local practitioner or high-stakes litigation has brought you to the area from out-of-state, you have a lot riding on your trial, and the right litigation support can make the difference between winning and losing your case. MGM Trial Services is the company you need to provide that support. We offer graphic services, video services, deposition services, equipment rental, and jury consulting to help you prepare and deliver a stunning, impactful, and persuasive trial presentation.

Learn more below about the suite of services we have to offer, and call us today to speak with a member of our team about how we can help.

Trial Services

Enter the courtroom prepared and confident with MGM’s seasoned trial technology consultants. Our team excels in utilizing courtroom software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Apple Final Cut Pro. From the hot seat behind the main presentation laptop in the courtroom, our trial technicians weave all of these programs into a seamless trial presentation alongside OnCue, our company’s trial presentation software application of choice.

You want your trial presentation to go off without a hitch. With MGM Trial Services as part of your trial team, you’ll have people with the technical skills and courtroom experience to help you deliver the flawless performance you so meticulously prepared.

Graphic Services

Harness the undeniable power of visuals with our MGM design professionals. Our custom-crafted exhibits can bolster your arguments and make your case memorable when it comes time for deliberations. We’ve created technical illustrations and animations with 3D modeling of complex mechanical devices and building environments. We’ve done the same with detailed medical illustrations that show how an injury happened or where a medical procedure went wrong. We’ve graphically depicted timelines of events in a variety of engaging and informative formats, and of course, we’ve created custom PowerPoint presentations that bring it all together. For your Wilmington jurors who are sitting there thinking “Don’t tell me, show me,” our graphic services deliver beautiful and persuasive custom graphics.

Legal Video Production

Videos can resonate deeply with juries. With offerings like “Day in the Life” portrayals and interactive depositions that merge multimedia into the videography, we produce videos that enhance your case and make a significant impact on the jury. Our FAA-certified drone operators can capture breathtaking aerial shots for property disputes, accident scenes, or construction project litigation, adding valuable context to your case.

When it comes to marketing your law firm on the internet, video is the watchword of the day. Boost your online presence and engage prospective clients with custom promotional videos that highlight your law firm’s capabilities and integrity. Whether you are competing for eyeballs with the 2,800 other lawyers in Delaware or the 300,000-plus attorneys in New York, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Pennsylvania and Maryland, video helps your website stand up and keeps users there longer, turning casual browsers into prospective clients.

Advanced Deposition Services

Video depositions can be critical for capturing nuances in speech and expressions one cannot glean from reading a transcript, but the subject matter can be hard to follow, especially when the deponent is testifying about a document that isn’t on the screen. We solve this problem by using UltraDep to create advanced picture-in-picture (PIP) depositions so jurors can view the deponent and the document at the same time. This advanced technology lets you control which aspect is center-screen and when, and you can further highlight or callout sections of the exhibit for further clarity. With UltraDep Remote, we can deliver the same indispensable service even if you are deposing a witness across the country over Zoom.

Courtroom Display Gear Rental

Equip your courtroom with MGM’s state-of-the-art projection and display technology, including LCD projectors, document cameras, switchers, interactive whiteboards, and touchscreen monitors. If you need extra monitors or projection screens, we can outfit you with the right size and number so that the bench, the witness box, the jury box, and the plaintiff and defense tables all have an unobstructed view of the exhibits you are displaying.

We understand that you could be hauling a lot of gear into the courtroom, and the last thing you want is for your pile of equipment to become a distraction, or to find yourself fumbling for the right power cords and cables while the judge and jury lose their patience or attention. That’s why we created the Rover ST Mobile Presentation Module. We custom-build each Rover based on your needs and specs so that you have the right audio/video docking stations, input/output ports, WiFi networking gear, and power supplies you need. You’ll have the tech you are actually using at your fingertips, without paying for extraneous equipment you aren’t using.

Jury Behavioral Consulting

Leverage scientific insights from our network of top jury consultants to navigate the intricacies of juror biases. Through the science of forensic psychology, our experts make your voir dire more effective, from researching the jury pool to fine-tuning your questions directed at potential jurors.

In addition, we can help you prepare for the courtroom with focus groups, virtual and in-person mock trials, and valuable consultation on witness preparation. You only have one chance at selecting the right jury and one shot at persuading them of the merits of your case; you owe it to your client and your case to use every tool available to get it right.

MGM Trial Services Is Your Trusted Source for Litigation Support in Wilmington, Delaware

Since 2005, MGM Trial Services has been helping lawyers win cases. You can’t do it alone, and the trial prep specialists at MGM can prove to be an invaluable part of your winning trial team. Contact us today for help with depositions and the full range of trial preparation and presentation in Wilmington.