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Drone Videography

Aerial Imagery for Litigation: Getting Above the Problem

Ultra-high definition (ultra HD) aerial imagery presents the big picture in minute detail, and MGM has the expertise to help your clients take advantage of this powerful new technology. Sometimes you need to get high above a problem, like when MGM captured aerial images of the massive scale of wastewater treatment sites at poultry processing plants for plaintiffs concerned about contamination. Other times you need to get right next to a hard-to-reach problem, like when MGM used an aerial drone to get close up video of dripping A/C units causing damage to plaintiffs’ businesses below. In each instance, our ultra HD aerial drones, operated by a specialist in the creation of courtroom exhibits, captured crystal clear footage of the problem at the heart of the case.

The Big Picture in Minute Detail

Cases can succeed or fail because attorneys must simultaneously present a panoramic view of the context surrounding a problem, and the tiniest details from which the problem stems. Ultra HD aerial imagery can do both in unique ways, and MGM’s expertise in collecting evidence for the courtroom makes it the perfect provider of this powerful technology.

What Sets MGM’s Aerial Video and Photography Apart?

  • Litigation is our specialty. We are the only licensed providers of drone aerial imagery services specializing in collecting evidence for litigation. Sweeping flybys are beautiful in the cinema, but we know how to get the steady long shots and tight close-in footage that shows a jury why the area or object they’re looking at matters.
  • The highest quality imagery available. We shoot video in 4K which is four times the resolution of “HD (high definition) and our still photos are shot at 20 megapixels.
  • FAA certified and insured. MGM’s president, Michael Miller, has the Remote Pilot Certification from the FAA and can therefore operate drones for commercial use. We are also fully insured.

Use in Litigation

The possible benefits of high quality ultra-HD aerial footage are still being explored, but here are a few uses we are pioneering.

Construction Defects – From tall structures, to bridges, to large production and manufacturing facilities, ultra HD drones have proven their worth by getting close-up pictures of improper designs, defective materials, and shoddy construction work in places that are either difficult or impossible for photographers to reach.

Accident Reconstruction – A bird’s-eye view of traffic patterns, road hazards, and roadside objects gives jurors better perspective into potential contributing factors to a motor vehicle accident.

Land Contamination and Property Disputes – Aerial images help juries visualize the spread of contaminants across property lines, while creating a sense of the space, scale, and uses of properties large and small.

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