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High-definition, Picture In Picture, Multimedia Depositions

Ultradep Remote

A Better Way of Displaying Exhibits

When you’re conducting a Zoom video conference deposition of a key witness whose testimony will be played at trial, you’ll have the most impact with a future jury if you employ trial presentation techniques when displaying your deposition exhibits. Using UltraDep Remote, this can be done over video conferencing. Let me show you how. Documents and video clips can be displayed quickly during the deposition. Once the document is on the screen for all to see, the tech can zoom in and highlight at the direction of the attorney. The benefit of having us display the exhibits is that the attorney is able to communicate effectively with the remote witness and the deposition runs smoothly without the attorney having to manage the Zoom technology on their own. This makes the deposition much more impactful.

What’s Being Recorded for the Jury?

But what about the recording, the recording that the jury will ultimately watch?
The video file you’ll receive from us will be formatted as a picture-in-picture at those points where the exhibits are being displayed. These are the same exhibits displayed during the video conference deposition, but with the view of the witness in the upper right-hand corner. Because the jury will see the reaction of the witness discussing the exhibits, the deposition video becomes very engaging, and the testimony is more likely to be remembered during deliberations.

Video Recording Redundancy

We’ve all experienced technology failing on us from time to time, but when you’re paying your expert thousands of dollars to appear for a video conference deposition, a tech failure would be a bitter pill to swallow. And although we can’t control the speed of your internet connection or Zoom servers, we can safeguard against many unfortunate mishaps. It’s for this reason that we’ve built redundancy into UltraDep Remote.

During the video conference deposition, we’re recording three separate video feeds, the picture-in-picture format, the exhibit share without the picture-in-picture, and the full frame witness format. It’s this redundancy that guards against technological mishaps. This is especially important for depositions of expert witnesses where the cost of the expert’s time is often thousands of dollars.

Now because of this redundancy, we’re able to switch views in post-production if necessary. Here’s why that’s important: Let’s say for example the judge rules that a specific exhibit cannot be shown to the jury. Well, since we have the full frame witness view recorded, we can easily remove the picture-in-picture view and replace it with the full frame witness view.

Audio Recording Redundancy

In order to get a clean record, it’s imperative that the court reporter hear all the participants clearly, but sometimes during a video conference deposition, this becomes challenging. We help preserve the record by ensuring that the audio for each participant is recorded separately. If there’s an important portion of testimony that’s garbled, we can use these individual audio tracks to fix the damaged audio file, thus preserving the record.

Please watch the video above. If you’d like additional information about UltraDep Remote, or if you’re ready to schedule us for your next video conference deposition, please email me directly at mike@mgmtrialservices.com.

Ultra Dep

Why you Should Know About UltraDep

With UltraDep™, the jury gets it. UltraDep™ is a seamlessly interactive, high-definition (HD), picture-in-picture video deposition service. What does this mean for attorneys? It means when a document, illustration, x-ray, photo, video clip, or other exhibit is shared with a witness during an out of court deposition, the jury will be able to see what the witness is talking about. As the witness explains key evidence, the jury sees it on the screen with the witness’s face in the corner. HD picture-in-picture video depositions with UltraDep™ make it easier for the jury to understand the testimony, because a jury cannot be convinced by something they do not understand.

Combining Multiple Video Sources in Real Time

For a video deposition playback in court, connect with the jury by using the UltraDep™ picture-in-picture video deposition system to simultaneously incorporate multiple video sources into a single HD video recording, all in real time. First, the jury sees the witness in full frame. Then, when an exhibit is discussed, the picture-in-picture feature streams in a second video source from the videographer’s laptop, the witness’s laptop, a document camera, or even an iPad.

The Attorney is in Control of What the Jury Sees.

When they want the focus to be on the witness, the evidence disappears. When they want to focus on evidence, the evidence takes center-screen. UltraDep™ is ideal for taking critical expert witness depositions, such as medical malpractice experts, patent and IP experts, construction experts, and other subject matter experts. As their testimony proceeds, the jury sees the evidence just as your expert does.

Examples of actual Ultradep Picture in Picture (PIP) deposition video:

  • 1) UltraDep video testimony enhanced with real time document display with callouts.

  • 2) Example of testimony with expert markups on an x-ray image with a touch screen monitor.