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MGM Trial Services, Inc. Selected to Provide Trial Technology in United States vs. Ravenell, et al.

United States District Court

At the close of 2021, the MGM team was called to assist with trial presentation in the matter of United States versus Ravenell, et al., a high-profile, white-collar criminal case filed in the Federal District Court in Baltimore, Maryland. This trial offered a vivid illustration of how seasoned and sophisticated technology consultants can benefit a trial team.

The defense parties turned to MGM in the later stages of their preparation for trial. Before and during the case, counsel relied on our group to both consolidate and create an immense set of materials—a complex database comprising video and audio clips of various formats, custom graphics and PowerPoints, and optimized PDFs for over 25,000 pages of exhibits. Even as this database continued to grow, we had to organize it in such a way that its most granular elements could be identified and displayed for the jury without a second’s delay.

These challenges fully engaged many members of the MGM team. James Lingg, our chief hot-seat operator in this trial, ran point in facilitating the case presentation in court. John Damm, our graphic designer, generated elegant and bespoke visual aids in the clutch. Michael Miller and Robert Tate, also experienced trial technicians, kept the background processes running smoothly, providing video-editing support while maintaining the database on multiple software platforms.

Through this collaboration, we could be responsive to the attorneys’ every need, working with our clients around the clock, in lockstep. These efforts culminated in a seamless procession of PowerPoint presentations, exhibit callouts, demonstrative illustrations, and video clips, enabling counsel to weave a cogent and convincing narrative from a tangle of factual detail.

It is precisely when these details are at their most intricate that our technicians are truly poised to empower a trial team. Attorneys can enter the courtroom confidently, knowing that their case presentation has been meticulously ordered and reinforced to withstand any contingency. And once in the heat of trial, our clients can be nimble, knowing that their tech team can support any improvisation that the situation warrants.

Complex cases such as USA vs. Ravenell call on officers of the court to operate at the highest level of their practice. The MGM team was honored to serve the talented litigators who participated in this trial, and remains grateful for the trust our clients place in us.


“The MGM team provided excellent and consistent support throughout an intense three-week criminal trial. They were highly responsive and up for any challenge, working late into the mornings to complete last minute projects on time. They were also kind and professional, and made useful suggestions and added value based on their years of experience. At trial, the MGM team reduced stress and gave us confidence that the presentation of exhibits, demonstratives, and audio and video files would be smooth, and that the technological aspects of trial would be taken care of.”

Jacqueline Maero Blaskowski
Shulte Roth & Zabel LLP

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