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UltraDep™, High Definition, Picture-in-Picture, Video Depositions

With UltraDep™, the jury gets it. UltraDep™ is a seamlessly interactive, high-definition (HD), picture-in-picture video deposition service. What does this mean for attorneys? It means when a document, illustration, x-ray, photo, video clip, or other exhibit is shared with a witness during an out of court deposition, the jury will be able to see what the witness is talking about. As the witness explains key evidence, the jury sees it on the screen with the witness’s face in the corner. HD picture-in-picture video depositions with UltraDep™ make it easier for the jury to understand the testimony, because a jury cannot be convinced by something they do not understand.

For a video deposition playback in court, connect with the jury by using the UltraDep™ picture-in-picture video deposition system to simultaneously incorporate multiple video sources into a single HD video recording, all in real time. First, the jury sees the witness in full frame. Then, when an exhibit is discussed, the picture-in-picture feature streams in a second video source from the videographer’s laptop, the witness’s laptop, a document camera, or even an iPad. The attorney is in control of what the jury sees. When they want the focus to be on the witness, the evidence disappears. When they want to focus on evidence, the evidence takes center-screen. UltraDep™ is ideal for taking critical expert witness depositions, such as medical malpractice experts, patent and IP experts, construction experts, and other subject matter experts. As their testimony proceeds, the jury sees the evidence just as your expert does.

UltraDep™ engages jurors and keeps them from losing interest in a witness’s testimony. Consider, for instance, a deposition of a surgeon in a medical malpractice lawsuit.  At best, a single-source video could show the surgeon physically holding up and pointing to a printed document or illustration detailing a surgical procedure. Such presentations are hard to follow, making it difficult for jurors to get what’s going on. With picture-in-picture video, UltraDep™ makes smart and efficient use of a viewer’s time by showing the jury what the witness sees.