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Testimonial From:

Philip C. Federico, Esquire

Schochor, Federico & Staton

Video Transcript

Hello! My name is Philip Federico and I’m with the law firm of “Schochor, Federico and Staton” in Baltimore, Maryland. I am a trial lawyer, have been for almost 30 years, and do trial work not only in Maryland but virtually every state in the country. 

Most recently tried a case in Florida, Palm Beach Florida with the assistance of Mike Miller and MGM Trial Services. I’ve been working with Mike for 10-15 years now. Frankly I couldn’t imagine at this point ever trying a case without him. I am sure there are other companies out there that do this kind of work, audio-visual work and trial preparation work. It has been my experience that working with Mike and MGM is different than working with other companies. The reason I know that is, on the other side of most of my cases is not all of my cases. There are people who do the same type of work, but not as well. 

The interesting thing about Mike and his company is it’s just not an audio-visual tech person who’s there to help you, but Mike is involved in the preparation for trial. In the trial itself from the standpoint that he understands the medicine that’s involved or the issue that’s involved, whether it’s a medical malpractice case or any other kind of civil case, so that he can offer advice and suggestion based on his experience and his expertise in using audio-visual aids that greatly enhance your presentation. He’s been invaluable to me in that regard. 

For example, when it comes time for preparing for trial, Mike is actually part of the process of actual trial preparation for each witness and the opening statement. Consequently the way that I prepare for trial, and I think you’ll find a way that you prepare for trial with the assistance of Mike and MGM, is you will better understand what’s important in your case. What records are most important, how anatomical drawings or other audio-visual aids can be of assistance, so that when it’s time for you to prepare your opening statement you’ll have the benefit of really you will have created a mini-film, if you will, to present to the jury. 

As we all know as trial lawyers, you know you get a first chance to make a first impression and which is very, very important from the standpoint that you want to grab the jury’s attention immediately. What better way to do it in this day and age is with an audio-visual presentation? If you look at some of Mike’s work, you’ll see that the opening statements that he puts together are much like watching a TV show, a news report or a documentary or a movie. That gives your case a new added credibility number one. Number two, what it really does is it maintains the jury’s attention. 

We live in an age where people’s attention spans are less and less. Really utilizing Mike and his services and the benefit of the audio-visual presentation does make a tremendous difference. Once you get into the trial portion of the case, there’s nothing more effective on cross-examination than having to your side an audio-visual presentation, the deposition of a defendant, exactly what he said highlighted, ready to go. A good example is that Mike knows ahead of time what questions you’re going to ask, what the answer should be and exactly what page to pull up like that on queue when it’s time to do so. 

I’ve been in cases where you watch text from the side other side, fumble around for minutes to the point where jury start giggling or  the lawyer loses their attention. The lawyer loses their attention. Clearly, Mike and his company are very experienced, very talented, very creative and will give you and your firm the edge you need to prevail in your case. 

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