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Testimonial From:

Paul M. Sandler, Esquire

Shapiro, Sher, Guinot & Sandler

Video Transcript

I am endorsing Mike Miller and his trial technology group for litigation support. Since I met Mike a number of years ago, my life has changed professionally for the better. No longer do I have to worry about my demonstrative aids. No longer do I have to worry about missing the PowerPoint button and being embarrassed in front of the jury. It’s just amazing what he can do.

I reach for the phone time and time again. I say, “Mike, I need an enlargement. I need it tomorrow. Mike, I need a diagram in color. We can't handle it because of particular reasons that I don’t even have time to get into. Mike, help me with PowerPoint,” or, “I need some guidance in terms of how we can take this complicated summary and make it work or putting together something that’s going to really enthrall the jury.”

Mike Miller is the go-to person for me, and he should be for you.

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