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Testimonial From:

George S. Tolley, III, Esquire

Dugan, Babij & Tolley

Video Transcript

Technology in the courtroom is more and more important every year. Having documents, having video, being able to manage those elements along with your advocacy in front of the jury is critical, big and important job. We had one case, big five-week trial with two very large defense firms. Each one of us brought our own technology support person. 

We had Mike Miller and trusted him to do the work for us. The jury could see over the course of five weeks that our tech support was the best. That made a difference, I think. It made a difference because the jury could see we were better prepared. We were better able to pull documents up on the screen to use digital exhibits, to show demonstrative exhibits to witnesses and to the jury. In the end, the defense lawyers were asking Mike Miller to do the technology for them, by the time the trial was over. That’s why we trust Mike Miller with our technology needs in the courtroom. 

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