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Vendor Partners

MGM Trial Services works with every major transcript and case management software available on the market today. This capability is central to our firm’s commitment to you. Below is a partial list of applications we work with. There are others as well. Please ask if you have questions.


LiveNote is a dominant player in the market for interactive real-time transcription. LiveNote is used in over 500 hearings a day in the U.S. alone. Over 70% of the top 200 U.S. law firms use LiveNote for transcript management.

Summation software is often used in cases with over a million document pages. It was used during the recent antitrust action brought by the government against Microsoft; it was used during the nationwide breast implant litigation, and is used across the country in many high-profile employment, securities, antitrust, and toxic tort actions. Both plaintiff and defense counsel use it in thousands of smaller cases everyday.

This application is the legal community’s leading provider of litigation and practice management software and services. Real Legal has been developing innovative solutions for more than 20 years to help legal professionals manage the complex world of law by working smarter, not harder.

Many law firms use CaseMap to easily organize and explore facts, casts of characters, and issues in a case. A CaseMap strength is that it works directly with TimeMap, an effective and demonstrative tool used in courtrooms around the nation when presenting information to juries.