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Litigation Support

MGM Trial Services is the premier litigation support services firm delivering effective pretrial and trial services to lawyers and law firms throughout Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and northern Virginia.  Litigation support is a comprehensive process that begins the moment you take on a new case and stays with you throughout the trial and until you win or settle the case. Our legal litigation support consultants have decades of trial preparation experience we understand the issues that lawyers face and know exactly what it takes to prepare you for trial. As your litigation partner in the courtroom, MGM Trial Services will see that you have accurate evidence presentation of key materials when you need them. The sooner we are brought into the process, the better we can use our capabilities to assist you as your case progresses.

How Our Services Help You Win Your Case

As a good trial lawyer you anticipate and direct to the jury information they need to consider as they decide your case. You take into account anticipated intellectual and psychological reactions to the information/evidence to be presented during trial.

It is key that you present evidence in such a way that supports your overall argument. Studies have shown that juries respond best to information that is presented visually.  Effective trial graphics in the courtroom are used to both educate juries and persuade them to reach specific conclusions.

MGM Trial Services offers attorneys a powerful set of tools to reach and persuade jurors. The process we use is called information design – it simply means that we pay very close attention to context, structure and presentation so that the information you need to convey has the desired impact.

To discuss how our litigation support services can help you win your next case, please contact one of our litigation consultants today. We will gladly provide a no obligation demonstration in our office or in yours.   Trial support services offered nationwide, including Maryland, Baltimore & Washington DC, Philadelphia, and northern Virginia.


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