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Medical Legal Graphics

It is often said that the difference between winning and losing a case comes down to the details. And when the case involves complex medical issues or procedures, the right medical graphics are important details in helping jurors understand your evidentary points. Whether your case calls for a full demonstrative exhibit, custom or semi-custom medical illustrations, or even 3D animations, MGM Trial Services is here to help. Our litigation support specialists can work with you to identify or create the medical graphics and medical legal art you need to support your case.

Medical Art Samples

Medical Exhibits

When your case involves complex medical problems or vexing medical procedures, helping the jury understand what you're telling them is imperative to a successful outcome; after all, if your expert witness can't effectively explain the important technical details of a specific situation, how can the jury really consider his testimony? Medical exhibits can organize and present information in a way that helps jurors grasp tedious technical and medical concepts, allowing them to make fully informed decisions.

Whether you need a pie chart or bar graph representing a particular point, a custom illustration that highlights where and how the issue occurred, or even a 3D animation showing jurors in living and moving color how a particular operation works, count on MGM Trial Services. Our litigation support specialists will work with you to create standalone medical graphics or entire demonstrative exhibits that will help ensure jurors understand your clients' side of the story, no matter how complicated the subject.

Medical Illustrations

If you're arguing a medical malpractice case or need assistance explaining a medical procedure or problem in a civil or criminal case, medical illustrations can help. Whether used as a way to more effectively educate the jury on the intricacies of a medial procedure, or to help expert witnesses explain their opinion on a complex medical situation, medical illustrations can help laypersons understand even the most difficult medical concepts.

MGM Trial Services' expert litigation support specialists can help determine which evidentiary points would most benefit from medical illustrations and can review medical records, deposition testimony and other case resources for case-specific information. With this information in hand, we will work with you to customize an existing medical illustration or to create a fully custom medical illustration for your case.

3D Animation

If you're looking for an extremely effective way to explain the details in a complex situation, consider 3D animation or forensic animation. Using animation, you can give jurors a clear picture of the steps and factors that led up to an accident or the series of mistakes that occurred prior to a final outcome. Whether you need to recreate a crime scene or simplify a complex medical procedure, 3D animation offers you a way to more effectively explain your case and educate jurors.

MGM Trial Services offers end-to-end 3D animation services. Whether you need a looping 15-second animation that highlights a particular action, or a much longer animated piece that takes jurors in real time through a medical procedure, our litigation support specialists can work with you to create a custom animation that will help the jury immediately grasp and understand the evidence and theories you're presenting.

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