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PowerPoint Presentation Services

When it comes to creating an effective legal courtroom presentation, you have a variety of options. For high stakes and high dollar trials, you may consider hiring a legal technology specialist to develop a custom presentation and to join you in court, managing and leading the presentation for the duration of the trial. But for many cases, client budgets simply don't allow the luxury of proprietary trial presentation software and on-site consultants. In situations like these, many lawyers turn to standard presentation software, including PowerPoint, to help visually support their arguments.

Unfortunately, there are risks associated with the do-it-yourself approach that PowerPoint allows. Done well, a legal PowerPoint presentation can be a compelling way to help the jury understand your opening statement or your closing argument, reiterating your main points and helping them see your client's point of view. However, a poorly done PowerPoint presentation is one of the easiest ways to lose the jury's attention, the client's confidence, and perhaps even the case.

Are Your PowerPoint Presentations Courtroom Ready?

Are you certain your PowerPoint presentations are courtroom ready? Why risk it! For attorneys who desire a cost- and time-effective trial presentation solution, MGM Trial Services offers PowerPoint presentation services. Our PowerPoint presentation services provide the benefit of years of courtroom presentation experience with the lower costs associated with PowerPoint development.

Our PowerPoint presentation services include:

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