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Pennsylvania Litigation & Trial Support Services

Litigation Support Specialists: Becoming Part of Your Team to Help You Win

John Donne, a 16th century clergyman and poet wrote the famous quote, "No man is an island, entire of itself..." At MGM Trial Services, we embrace this sentiment. The complexity of litigating any kind of case today requires support - expert litigation support. And, that's where we come in.

Trial Preparation: Where Cases are Won or Lost

Every successful attorney knows that cases are won or lost in the courtroom. Like an Oscar-winning actor, the key is in the preparation, ie: analyzing data, researching case law, preparing key legal exhibits to explain complicated forensics evidence, locating and interviewing expert witnesses, etc.

The courtroom presentation is where all of this work comes to fruition. And we make sure you put forth an "Oscar worthy" performance every time.

Overview of Trial Presentation Services That Give You the Edge

We provide a suite of trial services that free you to focus on the heart of your case. From legal videography services that take into account the context in which a judge or jury will view it; to jury research that gets to the heart of the belief systems of potential jurors; to trial graphics that turn complicated medical terminology into easy-to-understand graphics, we've got you covered.

Our trial consultants provide the foundational research and support that your case rests on.

One of the first calls to make when preparing for trial in Philadelphia, or another district in the great state of Pennsylvania is MGM Trial Services. We provide convenient, no-obligation demonstrations - in your offices or ours. Let us help you prepare to win your next case.

MGM Trial Services provides litigation support and consulting services to lawyers and law firms throughout the State of Pennsylvania, including state and federal courts situated in Philadelphia. To discuss how our trial services team can help you win your next case in Pennsylvania, please contact a litigation support expert today


Some of the major locations in the Southeastern Pennsylvania region: Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, Harrisburg, Bethlehem, Scranton, Reading

Counties in the Southeast Pennsylvania region: Delaware County, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Chester County, Lancaster County, Berks County, Lehigh County, Northampton County, York County